This is in their ‘Traditional’ Mai Tai. He went to Costco and came back with those little bottled waters they sell in bulk: 8 oz. Thanks for the great recipe. The Appleton white (which is what I think you mean by Abelton?) If you want to make them by the gallon, take a 1 gallon POG jug and drink half of it. Lahaina Grill’s version was best on our trip, so thank you! Or maybe … because I’m not such a spiced rum fan myself, try doing half dark and half spiced rums for the amount of dark rum in the recipe. And yes, when I serve a lot, I multiply the quantities. July 19, 2013 @ The only problem is making enough…..exactly as you said in the article, people just suck them down! Plus, for this recipe I like to keep it on the floral/fruity side, less the spicy. 3:34 pm. Mix all ingredients together and shake with crushed ice. I agree, that’s the hardest ingredient to find in your neck of the woods — but maybe you have a little place nearby. Even though I haven’t been able to score orgeat yet, I’m still stoked. Il suo nome significa letteralmente "buono" ed è un'ottima presentazione di questo cocktail dal gusto deciso, asciutto e con un retrogusto fruttato, nato durante la seconda guerra mondiale negli Stati Uniti d'America e diventato famoso ormai in tutto il mondo. 11:30 am. November 19, 2010 @ After having a big meal (we didn’t intend to splurge at Lahaina Grill that night, but the mai tai was pretty powerful), and then walking around Lahaina for an hour or two extra to sober up, we finally got home. And of course I have a fine, fine buzz on. Kraken dark rum floater (critical) the best mai tai by far! The next day we went to two stores to get all the ingredients (Costco for the rum, and Hawaii Liquor Store in Kahului to get the syrups), and set out to duplicate the recipe. Thanks! Confiscate car keys if they have more than two.). or is there another budget dark rum you would suggest? 1.5 oz. The first recipe was basically lime juice and rum, and there are some who say that is the only one (Trader Vic went to court to defend the recipe). It’s good to see you stop by. Aloha for now, Denise September 21, 2014 @ Your recipe is awesome! May 23, 2012 @ As for “traditional” mai tais, that’s a legal matter and I have no standing. Learn how your comment data is processed. We loved having your book for our trip…you really helped us enjoy every meal. December 2, 2016 @ 11:40 am. Thanks! I personally don’t like Kraken, but I don’t really like most spiced rums — just a personal preference. Most current recipes for Mai Tais based on Trader Vic’s 1944 recipe include rum, lime juice, orgeat syrup, and orange liqueur (typically orange curaçao). I live in Michigan so Guava juice is nothing that I can easily find but I did. November 11, 2011 @ Mix all above ingredients and pour over ice then add: Incorporating the key components of a good dose of rum, citrus, and exotic fruit flavours in the form of orgeat and orange curaçao, it’s a timeless combination which has gone from strength to strength since its creation in 1944 at Trader Vic’s bar in Los Angeles. 9:06 am, Cory, I like to shake. This recipe serves two, but I can often make it three, because it’s so potent. , Richard In my recipe, it’s mint oil. (This will be, I suspect, too sweet, but may feel “fuller” on the tongue than the first version.) Its funky, juicy tropical notes are accompanied by rich coffee bean, spice and chocolate. The beauty of a mai tai is that there is no real “one way” to do it. WHAT IS MAI TAI. Claims Kukui, “Unlike other mai tai mixes that use corn syrup for sweetness, our Kukui Brand insures sweetness all the way through the drink because there is no settling of the sweetness to the bottom of the glass like with corn syrup.” You’re smashed. Ack. August 11, 2016 @ Having them pre-made is nice, but pitchers are too hard to shake/stir adequately. Molly Jacobson 6:24 am. Ron Molly Jacobson 12:14 pm. 51. What’s even easier is to use a different measurement. This isnt a mai tai, or anything close to it. I would keep the juice ratios the same, and then try three versions of the drink. We are experimenting with variations. 3 oz. As long as the ratios stay the same, you’re golden. I’m not a huge Mai Tai fan. I believe you and that Kevin that posted his recipe are the closest yet to perfection. She calls it the “Tai Mai”, and I have to say it is the most outstanding liquid I have ever put in my mouth. We come here every other year and immediately stop to have a Mai Tai. 8:26 am. Also, the best food at reasonable prices. August 20, 2011 @ simple syrup or rock candy syrup Hi Bill! Best Mai Tai EVER is at “The Tavern” on the north shore of Kauai at the Princeville Golf Cousre! My wife and I have our own list, called Kent’s Maui Must Do’s, that we share with all our friends that are heading to Maui. I have never attempted to make a weaker mai tai, just because mai tais are supposed to get you buzzy quickly — but I would do a little side-by-side experiment to see what you like best. Explore thousands of wines, spirits and beers, and shop online for delivery or pickup in a store near you. A tropical fruit and spice aroma leads to a palate with a clove attack followed by mashed banana, mango, apple, fenugreek seed and cinnamon. It involves 3 different types of Rum, Bacardi being one of them. We confirmed with a small group of friends, most of whom hadn’t had a mai tai in years because when you live on Maui, you don’t want to spend $20 for a good drink, and you don’t want to spend $2 for pineapple juice. This will give you lots of mai tais . And my second…, Kent 4.0 out of 5 stars 19 $29.99 $ 29 . TheBeav And don’t forget the mint — I like to use plenty and muddle mine! October 13, 2011 @ I know Torani sells Orgeat but this syrup had the same makings: almond and orange flower water. Molly Jacobson But our perfect mai tai – which we’re calling Molly’s Maui Mai Tai – has a perfectly balanced fruit:rum ratio that we love. July 22, 2012 @ On The Rocks Premium Cocktails The Mai Tai Made With Cruzan Rum. Guests took a glass, added crushed ice with a ladle, and picked up a little bottle, SHOOK it well, and then poured the mai tai over the ice. A favourite combination today is aged Jamaican pot-still rum with Martinique rhum agricole, giving a grassy, herbal quality which balances the heavy pot-still funk of the Jamaican portion.

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