3D Specialties is the areas premier installer of signs. Hours: M-F 8:00 - 5:00 CST | email: service@trafficsigns.com | fax: 651-636-8889, Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs, Best Quality Posts and Hardware for Posts. For medium sized signs on modular sign structures a standardised footing design can be used. All trademarks, graphics or photos not owned by Signs Direct Inc are the property of their respective owners. Therefore, a 8 foot post installed 2 feet in the ground will result in the pole being 6 feet high. The bottom of the sign should be about 7' from the ground. 18 x 18" - Used for bicyclist traffic control on bikeways and shared-use paths; 24 x 24" - Great for parking lots and private roadways; 30 x 30" - The minimum size required for official street applications ; 36 x 36" - Minimum size for multi-lane approaches and hazardous intersections; 3) What height do I need to mount my stop sign? Unfortunately, they are not suitable for signs. 0 Comment . How deep does the sign post have to be [into the ground]? A distance of about 6' from the road is ideal. purpose designed. Sign post coupler, breakaway sign posts, traffic sign, sign post, meets NCHRP350 requirements for barricade, reflective signs, crash trucks, crash barrel, traffic cones, safety sign stands, arrowboards & truck mounted variable message signs. hole from the top of the buried post. Single Post Multi-Sign Support for Traffic Signs Perpendicular to Each Other (Using Off-Centered Method) (Sheet 2 of 2) H2271 Stainless Steel Railing Type SS01 within Public Transport Interchange (Sheet 1 of 2) In business, commercial, or residential areas (Fig. Small signs mounted on tube posts SIGNS IN GENERAL Road traffic signs can be divided into the following six main groups: TYPE OF SIGN PURPOSE ORDINARY SHAPE Regulatory signs Regulatory signs regulate and control the actions of road users. It is recommended that you bury the post two to three feet into the ground. Highway and traffic signs use a number of different types of supports. 05/02/13. Handles standard handicap or parking sign and easy to install. USA Traffic Signs Home Help View Cart My Account Help. with digging a hole. Road Signs; ADA Handicap Parking Signs; Parking Signs; D.O.T. Drive Caps & Shanks; U-Jack Post Puller; Post Drivers; Traffic Barricades. Signed drawings are on file in the Traffic Engineering Office. Sign Posts and Hardware: We carry a large variety of traffic sign posts and installation hardware. Just pound away. Telespar square sign posts are the most versatile product on the market, demonstrating versatility, ease of installation, and optimization for multi-directional signage. The common choice is green or galvanized (gray) U-channel posts which are easy to install since the ends are tapered. 5. Making Oversized Traffic Signs. What posts do I need? Thread from the inside of the post (inside the "C"). Although we seen a plenty (and, maybe even a majority) of off street parking lots use an 8' posts, we recommend that you use two 8' posts. The tool makes installing posts much easier and can even be done by one person instead of two. Use this 6' post for smaller signs. • Do tapered posts work better? Square Tubing Traffic Sign Posts. When you install the sign, let me just borrow "Bryan's" rules. SECTION 714 - SIGN INSTALLATION. Overhead signs (Fig. 1 … Small signs mounted on tube posts This category also contains Stands for temporarily mounting Road Signs on the road side. 3.2 Chevron Boards, Bridge End Markers, Obstruction Markers Chevron Boards, Bridge End markers and Obstruction markers shall comply with the Manual of Traffic Signs and Markings: Part II … How high should the sign be and do you have any instructions for our grounds crew? UPS handles posts that are 8' or shorter. Best Quality Posts and Hardware for Posts to correctly install your parking, road, highway and traffic signs: Galvanized and Green Channel Posts; Tubular Posts; Square Posts; Break Away Systems; Base and Standards; Surface Mount Bases ; We can help you find the right Traffic Posts … 2, 2.5, 3, 4 Lb./Foot. Patents 6113055, 6457895, 7793910, 7779589, Canadian Patents CA 2417436, 2632252 International and other patents pending. A written agreement must be in place to install signs in other jurisdictions. Ensure all clearances from the concerned Government Department is obtained. Traffic Sign Posts of all cross sections are offered by Sign Support Sytems. Locate signs on right-hand side of the road unless specific standards require otherwise. U-Channel traffic sign post is available in both green and galvanized finishes. Delineators & Markers. The sign post is then attached to the specific height of the anchor that remains above the ground with spacers, nuts, and bolts.

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