During this time, the comfort station (Exotic Animal House) was changed into a monkey house with big wire cages housing mangabees, macaques and squirrel monkeys among others. The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control will close the Brandywine Zoo on weekdays from Tuesday, Sept. 8 through at least Monday, Sept. 21 for construction. This project is hoping to shed light on kestrel breeding and populations in the state in an effort to better understand reasons for their population decline. Learn, Love, Conserve! [5] It is usually open daily, 10AM - 4PM, weather permitting. Animals from ALL over the world are there … Brandywine Zoo is a small 4.7-acre (1.9 ha) zoo that opened in 1905 in Brandywine Park in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. Hotels Near Brandywine Zoo - Wilmington Delaware. He added to the zoo's collection but kept the Monkey House closed to the public even though animals were still housed there. In 1979, Tom Skeldon took Hans Rosenberg's place and developed the Delaware Zoological Society. Capital improvements continued with the construction of the river otter exhibit, a new animal hospital, expansion of the tiger exhibit, new entranceway, and new restrooms. Inspired by the charismatic nature of the Red Panda and their dire threat, Founder Emma Dale set up the Red Panda Trust to connect Research and Researchers directly to the conservation of the Red Panda. In 1904, Dr. James H. Morgan came to the Board of Park Commissioners with the idea of starting a zoo in Wilmington. They still stand today in the Main Zoo, next to the Administration Building. Small Zoo located in Brandywine … Do you want to know the entry ticket price for Brandywine Zoo? The walkway for the new Madagascar Exhibit, which is currently under construction, will be tied into the existing zoo … Brandywine Zoo ( Del.) The Brandywine Zoo is managed by Delaware State Parks with the support of the Delaware Zoological Society. To this day, while … They have always been available to offer medical and nutrition care and advice for both native and non-native birds in our collection. Since 1989, 80 captive bred condors have been reintroduced in South America through the AZA’s release program. The Brandywine Zoo’s Amur tiger, Zhanna, is scheduled to be transferred to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo in New York early in January 2017, according to DNREC’s Division of Parks & Recreation in partnership with zoo … In 1928, the old bear pit was filled in and three new bear cages were built. At Brandywine Zoo… Find out more. The Delaware Zoological Society is the non-profit membership organization that supports the mission of the zoo. Current work focuses primarily on the Paso del Istmo biological wildlife corridor in southwest Nicaragua. The children's area was to be built on a storybook theme with aquariums, little houses and a bird sanctuary. Wilmington, DE 19802, Delaware Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, Tip: Make your photos shine with Justified Image Grid. Easy parking is accessible for Brandywine Zoo's … The opening of the exhibit in November is an example of how the zoo … In 2014, the Brandywine Zoo began a monitoring project for the American kestrel in Delaware. The Brandywine Zoo is part of the Delaware State Parks and is managed by the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation with the support of the Delaware Zoological Society. Through this program, tamarins born at the Brandywine Zoo have had the opportunity to go through the National Zoo’s reintroduction program, where captive-born monkeys have been reintroduced into Poço das Antas Biological Reserve, Brazil, in a controlled release. Kaminando aims to protect the Americas’ vulnerable wildcats and their habitats by engaging communities in conservation and inspiring new generations of nature conservationists. The Delaware Clean Water Alliance is a broad-based coalition of organizations and stakeholders across the state working together to secure funding for clean water initiatives. This area was located up in the far section of the zoo where the capybara and otters are now kept. The zoo also exhibited red pandas for the first time beginning in the summer of 2014. The 12-acre zoo features condors, river otters, and other animals native to the Americas and the temperate areas of Asia. During the … The Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund is helping to study, preserve and protect remaining populations of golden lion tamarins in the Amazon Rainforest. The zoo is home to exotic cats, red panda sisters, otter brothers, eagles, a condor pair, a family of llamas, and … In the first year of the Children's Zoo there were 46,000 visitors. For more information visit the San Diego Zoo’s condor program page or the SSP fact sheet for Andean condors. Our park features a wide array of animals from all around in the world. Many local citizens are active volunteers of the Delaware Zoological Society and some serve as the board of directors. The Brandywine Zoo is a proud supporter of initiatives that make our world more environmentally friendly. 16,871 were here. We have supported their efforts to educate local communities about the importance of conserving and protecting these species. He suggested the city purchase land on both sides of the Brandywine River. Since the fall of 2017, the Brandywine Zoo has been monitoring wildlife across New Castle County, Delaware, in order to better understand the distribution and diversity of wildlife in urban areas. On the land where the zoo now stands, there was a public amphitheater where people would go to hear famous orators of their time. We also host children's birthday parties. She served almost 37 years at the Brandywine Zoo through to her retirement in April 2013. General Curator / Zoo Manager (Former Employee) - Wilmington, DE - January 20, 2015 Typical days included a large amount of physical work under variety of weather conditions, but working … The Brandywine Zoo is located along the Brandywine River in beautiful Brandywine Park in Wilmington, Delaware. The zoo is managed by the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation and supported by the Delaware Zoological Society. The Delaware Zoological Society is hiring for 2021! A new master plan was conceived and put into action. The Madagascar animals will be in their habitat for public viewing when temperatures are above 45 degrees. The residential area behind the zoo was considered Washington Heights and its civic association helped to manage the zoo. Many animals came and went from the zoo family.