… I don't know March, Chatteris other than by reputation similar to that you have gleened from earlier threads. Advice please???!!!! Costa Rica is one of the cheapest, safest places to live in the world with reasonable rents around $500 a month and a fairly safe environment. St Ives is ok/nice (friends live there and like the schools) but traffic on A14 is very, very bad - although possibly better since the guided bus? Just out of interest, where are you currently based abroad? I am bloody glad that we didn't do it!! Taylors Estate Agents are proud to offer for sale this well presented three bedroom detached character property, dating back to the mid 1700's, located in Chatteris. Having said that, I always really like Wisbech as a town, though I suspect that people there might have definite ideas about which areas are more and less desirable. That is all really helpful. Chatteris bypass linking through to the market town of March. Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. We are looking at Wisbech as he can commute on a daily basis to work then instead of having to live unaccompanied, or we are looking Norfolk way. The other option is to consider a different area entirely but which is still commutable to Cambridge such as Bury St Edmunds. The new Lisburn and Castlereagh District Council area has been named the top place to live in Northern Ireland. Having done it the commute on the a14 if at peak rush hour will be a nightmare! Wisbech is flat as a pancake. Milton has an extremely conservative history, but the area is surprisingly open to new opportunity if it's good for business. Ranking based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Information Courtesy of Chatteris Town Guide 2014. The parish of Chatteris is large, covering 6,099 hectares, and for much of its history was a raised island in the low-lying wetland of the Fens. Know the area well though so shout if you like Add message | Report | See all Its the back end of beyond and its a miserable (and dark in winter) commute from Cambridge. Rush hour on the A10/A14 is not fun, and it's about a 50 min journey outside of rush hour, assuming you don't get stuck behind a tractor...I reckon on your budget you'd get something about 5 miles outside of Cambridge that meets your spec - have you looked at Bar Hill, Longstanton, Swavesey, Willingham etc...? Love's Farm was the development I was thinking of. Do you live in these areas/know these areas? My husband may have a job in Cambridge, but due to the potential salary and the value of our current house in Yorkshire we can't really afford central Cambridge or its suburbs prices. After constantly moving from city to city, we finally found a place we get to call home for a long time. Haverhill has massively improved in the past 10 years too but for preference if I couldn't be in Cambridge itself I'd head over to BSE. Soham's ok, primary schools are outstanding I think , secondary 'good with outstanding features'. Find out what makes a city a great place to live and work. Bless you for even giving me links to rightmove properties. My husband may have a job in Cambridge, but due to the potential salary and the value of our current house in Yorkshire we can't really afford central Cambridge or its suburbs prices. And Wisbech.My aunt lived in Soham, Littleport and Sutton (uncle in USAF) and all 3 were lovely. Hi ruthimarWe are looking at several options actually. Just 10 miles north of Dallas, this is an ideal place to live for those who want to live close enough to the city to make the most of the amenities, jobs, and leisure activities, but far enough away to enjoy a quieter lifestyle in an area with a strong community. Heading the chart, which names all 10 places among the 30 best locations to live in Britain, is the Victorian seaside town of Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan. Source: Tim Roberts Photography / shutterstock Gilbert. We currently live in a small market town outside of Leeds so we are used to being a fair way out from the city, but enjoy having a little town to shop in etc... Could you recommend any areas? To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. Schools are ok (again from what my mum says).An old boss of mine used to live in Bury St Edmunds and commute to Cambridge and she loved it there and didn't find the traffic/commute too bad - and that was with an old, slow car. Ely is definitely worth exploring, as another poster said. Chatteris / ˈ tʃ æ t ɛr ɪ s / is a market town and civil parish in the Fenland district of Cambridgeshire, England, situated in The Fens between Huntingdon, March and Ely.The town is in the North East Cambridgeshire parliamentary constituency.. For more information on how we rank, read the Best Places to Live methodology. I live Not In Cambridge, quite a few people commute from my village (Sawtry). Taylors Estate Agents are proud to offer for sale this well presented three bedroom detached character property, dating back to the mid 1700's, located in Chatteris. Wisbech is better for work for us too. This 80-mile stretch of coast runs along the Yucatán Peni… Houses in March and Chatteris appear to be very reasonable but I'm not sure whether they are nice places to live? Possible move to March, Chatteris, North Cambs. I would suggest looking for houses on the same side as Cambridge as your husband's work e.g. It is possible to walk, cycle or ride a horse all the way to Somersham, a total distance of 5.5 miles. So I am really not that keen...Right will stop waffling and get the kids to bed then, check all your links out and report back. There seem to be plenty of places in your budget near to Cottesmore. From my name - you may guess I'm also in this area temporarily at the moment!My other half has been asking if its somewhere I'd want to move to permanently as it would be good for my job and it looks like you can get a lot of house with plenty of land for your money relative to my home location of Manchester, but my honest answer is no.Although at heart I am a country bumpkin and want to live in a rural location, its just too rural. . The safe and friendly environment of this growing town is ideal for young families and new businesses. We currently live in a small market town outside of Leeds so we are used to being a fair way out from the city, but enjoy having a little town to shop in etc... Could you recommend any areas? Questions, questions!! You could defo get what you are looking for where I live and the primary school is pretty decent from what I know (my two are not school age yet).You might want to take a look at St Ives, Godmanchester and Huntingdon. The airport has dozens of direct flights to warmer places … The top ten best cities on our list average some of the highest household incomes and boasts some of the most expensive homes. My mum (teacher type) doesn't rate the schools round there much either. BSE itself is perhaps slightly out of budget but the surrounding villages are cheaper and somewhere like Elmswell has a train station with a train direct to Cambridge. Also the transport links are a downside, the fen roads can be pretty crappy. Prices have gone up as it's become something of a dormitory for people working in Cambridge who can't afford to live nearer. The A14 is such a slow road that even Swavesey would be a 1 hour commute and that is only 12 or so miles from Cambridge. Where else are you looking? Just done a rightmove search and there are 3 beds in that budget way nearer than March - as people said depends on where your DH is working -eg which side of cambride most schools in south cambridgeshire are good - but in some areas very full so might be worth looking into which ones have spaces as well BSE is very nice - I work there - and loads of people commute to cambridge and there are loads of houses in your price range, There certainly aren't many houses in Cambridge for under £200,000 but there are a few - they are towards North Cambridge in the Kings Hedges/Arbury area and the gardens are not large but there are loads of parks/open spaces and being in the city itself means most things are walking/cycling distance if not then busable. My dad has commuted to near Cambridge everyday for the past 20 years at least. Just don't.There are lots of much nicer villages in the Newmarket area, only 20-30 mins to Cambridge (depending on particular village and whereabouts your husband works in Cambridge). Try Ramsey, Warboys etc. We don't need to be near rail links to London and he doesn't mind a longish drive to work as he currently commutes approx an hour each way. A website which lists the worst places to live in the UK lists these nine places as the worst in Devon - and the reviews on the website iLiveHere.uk are all written by local people.. I can't afford to buy in Cambridge so am looking within about a 20 miles radius. A small village near Wetherby!). To think inherited money is not family money, AIBU to think women should not be banned from Social media for asking the question, Your questions about car maintenance have been answered by the experts at Quick Lane, Share your tips for keeping your children’s skin comfortable through the winter months, Read what Mumsnetters thought of Cicaplast B5 repairing balm. You can't get anywhere quickly.I don't know what living in March is like but I have worked in several schools in the area. Chatteris today Chatteris is a … But even during a global pandemic, Idaho's popularity hasn't waned: Moving marketplace HireAHelper reports that 194% more people moved into Idaho than left it since March.. Echo above- avoid March, Chatteris, Wisbech. Anyone got any ideas? That was meant to Gonzo33, sorry for hijacking the thread! In fact, we moved here because DH was working in Cambridge and the houses are cheaper here. Offering parents some of the best schools in the state for their little ones, from elementary level, onto middle school and then high school, kids in Fairbanks receive a top notch education. Similar lists have been published by other websites, including this one that also includes Boone, Brevard, and Morganton. Whatever the reason, the UK has a huge range of towns and cities to choose from, whether you’re a city lover, a rural retreater or somewhere in between. And it’s a good question. It was fab! Again I live Not in Cambridge but north in the same sort of direction as Chatteris and March, but not as far. HELP PLEASE???!!!! Since Nice is especially popular with tourists as there are plenty of things to see and do, there are a lot of job opportunities for expats who want to work in the tourist industry. Then we will start looking at areas properly. Sarasota recently ranked No. For those who are looking to live surrounded by the arts, Nice offers a range of museums to visit and architecture to take in. Watch Chatteris, United Kingdom live and follow the current weather with this webcam in Chatteris. Good location between Ely and Newmarket too. Another said: "We moved to Chatteris just over two months ago and so far, we can't find one negative thing to say about our decision. The Idaho capital was the fastest-growing city in the US in 2018, according to Forbes, and was ranked as the best place to live for millennials in 2019. In which part of Cambridge is your husband's new job? Chatteris is a great place to live, work and visit. The tropical climate, good health care, and tasty ceviche also make Costa Rica an attractive place to live, especially for volunteers and teachers — you can stretch your budget pretty far. Perhaps look at one of the cheaper towns with a train station such as Huntingdon or Peterborough but be warned - those areas both have some lovely and truly awful areas so do your research! Cedar Rapids is a sneaky-cool city that boasts affordable home prices (around $150k median price), a thriving downtown, and a growing regional airport that makes it a perfect home base for travelers. Some villages are quite 'naice' and rather pricey, but others are quite affordable.Lots of new builds in big villages like Burwell keep prices lower there than elsewhere (can't find an example though).Bottisham is a nice village and v. accessible for Cambridgehttp://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35918069.htmlIf you want lots of house for your money without going to the extreme back of beyondness of March and Chatteris, try Soham which is a little further away from Cambridge:http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31756000.html?premiumA=truehttp://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-36127868.htmlThis house is in Dullingham (a rather posho village) if you can stretch a bit more over £200K - not pretty but good garden:http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-20991561.html. Where is the Safest Place to Live in North Carolina? Flat, dull and miserable/bleak in winter. Hopefully the link works. I used to live in Chatteris, about 30 mins by car from Cambridge (same to P'boro) but at the time it was a lot cheaper than anywhere nearer to Cambridge. Just asking as my DP is in the army in Cyprus and is moving to Cottesmore this summer. If your husband works in the town centre it may be worth looking at a slightly more expensive house on a train line and then ditch one car. when we were looking to move from London, we had March in our minds.