As such, a good skateboard cleaner will remove dust and grime. Start by drying off your bearings using a hairdryer. Viscosity describes how thick the lubricant is. skateboard bearing lubricant. Greasing or lubricating your bearings can be done so many ways. That’s why I have finally prepared this post to provide any skateboarder out there with the right information when it comes to their skateboards and the lube. AdrianMendoza. Apply the lubricant. A skateboard bearing lubricant is a small piece of wood in the shape of a surfboard with four wheels attached. We doesn't provide skateboard bearing lubricant products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. This lubricant maximizes acceleration and speed of the skate… A skateboard bearing lubricant enhances coordination. Green Oil SK8 lubricant will protect your skateboard and quad skate bearings by reducing friction and wear. Bearing has Rubber Seals to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination, also bearings are pre-lubricated with grease. Even so, the one thing that you should know when it comes to bearings and oil-based lubricants is this. Oil-based lubricants will properly grease every moving part that’s in your skateboard bearings. This good precision 608RS bearing provide high speed and the convenience of removal shields for cleaning and relubrication. It is best to use lubricant specifically intended for skateboard bearings. | Country Search Congratulations. 2.Ceramic Bearings, Si3N4 stands for the silicon nitride ceramic material and is black colored, 3.Ceramic Bearings, SiC stands for the silicon carbide material and is alsoblack colored. Low viscosity is good at withstanding the high temperatures that skateboards give out when at high speeds. They perform well because they are thinner oils made particularly for small parts that are engaged in a lot of movement. Skate One 6860 Cortona Drive Unit B Goleta, CA. Having a dirty ball skateboard bearing, you can repeat the cleaning process for about 2 to 3 times. Oil-based lubricants will properly grease every moving part that’s in your skateboard bearings. So what is the best lubricant for skateboard bearings? We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This means that you must be very careful and avoid buying anything that comes your way. 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,145 ratings | 41 answered questions Currently unavailable. Do not use too much oil on the bearings. Apply lubricant. Donepart 100 Pack 608-2RS Skateboard Bearings, C3 High Speed Sealed Bearings for Electric Motor, Skateboards, Scooters, Longboard, 3D Printer, Wheel Hub 4.5 out of 5 … Onetouch (Note: do not use WD40 as bearing lubricant! They come pre-lubricated, meaning all you need to do is install them onto your board, and you're ready to hit the streets. Become part of this funky fashion sport with multiple health and recreational benefits. 1-2 drops of oil are carefully dripped into the bearing. In order to keep them preserved to its best condition, this has nylon ball retainers, and a really neat Bones Speed Cream lubricant together with the package, which is a good lubricant for skateboard bearings, btw. Read customer reviews . Buy Skateboard Bearing Lubricant from Skateboard Shop. Kingsk8 Skateboard Bearing Lubricant Grease,Lubricant Bottle, 2020 1 Bottle Low Viscosity Lubricant Bearing Lubricating Oil for Roller Skate Drift Board Skateboard, SOB SPB Oiless bearing , Bronze base graphite lubricant Oiless #500 series WF500 JDB CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 Graphite bush. It will coagulate and clog your bearings. Remove the bearings. The skateboard bearing lubricant also enables smooth and efficient movement thanks to the high-quality products and materials used. It comes in handy for movement for both long and short distances. However, if you are always on the road, you can give them a shine once a month. Shenzhen Yudou Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. Jinan JiaRuiDa Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Anhui Jinde Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhenshi Daichangxin Trading Co., Ltd. Hunan Jintai Hardware And Machinery Co., Ltd. Zigong Gongjing Jinchuan Mechanical Seal Part Factory. Oil and grease are the greatest lubricants. A skateboard bearing lubricant will be useful whether you are indoors or outdoors, in small, confined areas or large spaces.Choose customized designs if you want a specific style. A few lubricants that function admirably for skateboard bearings are sewing machine oils, skate bearing grease, or electronic oils. After cleaning and lubrication Next, you'll remove your bearings from your wheels by prying them out of your wheels using the axle of your truck. It is often used when lubricating the skateboard bearings. A complete skate bearing will consist of these five major parts, namely: However, you don’t have to struggle to know all these as they will sink in naturally. All rights reserved. Apply just 2 to 3 drops of oil per bearing. ... successfully cleaned your skateboard bearings it’s time to use some Bones speed cream or other silicone lubrication if you have any lying around. If you don’t want to buy a new skate bearing now and then, you … Step 8. To do this, slide the wheel half-way onto the end of the axle so only … 5.The ceramic material is not stronger than steel, but ceramic bearing are lighter and have lower friction than steel, which makes ceramic bearing go faster with lower heat generated. Now the next thing that you have to do is to learn the other care and maintenance tips for your skateboard bearings. Don’t put so much lubricant, just enough to gain a smooth roll. From my experience, the following lubricants will be awesome for almost any type of skateboard bearing. However, don’t use the WD-40 that I have seen others use before. Intellectual Property Protection Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: 03-06-2012, 07:42 PM ... also you could try bearing grease instead of oil, the kind that is put inside the cranks and wheel axls on bikes. Grease can be used instead of oil; however, bearings lubricated with grease tend not to spin as fast, according to Note that viscosity will increase in a cooler climate and reduce in hot weather. Another word that I can use to describe bearings lubrication is greasing. I guess you already have the answer from this post. You can use any oil-based lubricant and still preserve your bearings to work best at any time. offer a selection of skateboard bearing lubricant from trusted suppliers.The skateboard bearing lubricant come in different types for you to choose from. We have many cleaning solutions that you must be aware of. WD-40 and 3-in-1 oil are not recommended for oiling skateboard bearings. Use lubricants that are meant for skateboards. Green Oil’s award-winning formula penetrates, lubricates, and protects skateboard bearings and quad skate bearings. On the other hand, it probably spins a little slower. Boca Bearings High Speed Oil is a great all-purpose lubricant for bearings, bike chains, RC parts, fishing reels, and more. We are working with Bones bearing factory, produce the top quality bearings. | About | Contact | Disclosure ©2020 OutdoorsGuides, Best Roller Skates for Kids: Top Six Choices for the Safest Rides, Top Best Roller Skates For Beginners In 2021, The Lazy Way To Best skateboard wheels for street, The Ultimate Secret Of best cheap electric skateboard, The Ultimate Guide for Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising, The Ultimate Guide To BEST SKATEBOARDERS OF ALL TIME, Best Folding Electric Scooter for Adults: Top Reviews 2020, The Best Models for Best Self Balancing Scooter Reviews, The Ultimate Secret Of BEST CHEAP ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD, The Lazy Way To BEST SKATEBOARD WHEELS FOR STREET, Best Outdoor Roller Skates: Top 10 Models for the Top Riders, Best Tandem Kayaks: Choosing the Best Models for Great Ride, Best Kayak for Beginners: The Best Reviews and Buying Guide, The Top 5 Best Budget Fishing Kayak and buying Guide, The Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak Reviews: Top Models for the Pro Angler, Best Fishing Kayak under 1000 $: Best Models for New & Pro Anglers, It must be heavier so as to maintain the smooth touch. But all the bearings are made with the same material. 03-07-2012, 10:16 PM. This means that they will have low viscosity. Skateboard bearing lubricants with lower viscosity are favored and more widely used than other types. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2021 So how many bearings does a skateboard require in order to operate much more efficiently? Now, let’s talk about different lubes you can use for skate wheel bearings. Fancy Action Abec 5 Skate Wholesale Custom Printed Skateboard Bearings, Hot Sale High Quality Skateboard Bearing Deep Groove Ball Bearing. All skateboard bearing lubricant wholesalers & skateboard bearing lubricant manufacturers come from members. It’s guaranteed to prolong the life of any moving parts, including skateboard bearings, with an operating temperature of -50°F to +400°F and a … Hmm this answer could go on for ages about different ways to do this. Proceed with the optional speed cream and lubricants before pushing the bearings into place as the final touches before reassembling your skateboard completely. If you don’t have recommended skateboard lubricants, you can make use of small amounts of motor oil or cooking oil. offers 855 skateboard bearing lubricant products. - It makes cleaning an easy task. Skating professionals recommend using a low viscosity lubricant applied to bearings. First off let's start with water. After applying the lubricant, spin the bearing to distribute throughout the bearing. Still, a clean and lubed bearing spins much much better than a dirty one, so it's good for you in the long run. You can also other varieties which are propelled by your feet. - This, in turn, improves decision-making skills. Since they are producing bearings, they know what a good bearing oil should be like. Jiashan Dingyi Interaction Bearing Co., Ltd. Dongguan Jichun Mould Standard Parts Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Yaoshengting Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Huakeling Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. It will also repel water and, in turn, avoid any form of corrosion and rust. According to the size of the vehicle, the size of the bearing varies. So, if you use oil and grease to lubricate the bearings of the truck, you can ‍also use the same material for lubricating the skateboard bearings.But our recommendation is to use grease because it is a chronic and easy solution. Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant. The normal carbon-graphite without anything,can be used in mechanical corperations always. Get the best skateboard bearing lubricant deals on There's an electric skateboard with a rechargeable battery. Privacy Policy Various skate wheel bearing lubes in market. The truck of the skateboard bearing lubricant is made of Aluminium to prevent rusting. Oil intended specifically for use on skateboard bearings is available. By moving it, you engage in a rigorous activity that leaves your body in a better overall health condition. If you aren’t the frequent user, you can stick to once after every two to three months. Cleaning your skateboard bearings can be both difficult and scary. This will hinder the best performances of your bearings. While the ball bearings are still on a piece of clean fabric, you can now apply lubricant. Remember that because of the plastic components that you will find in the bearings, the oil-based solvent that you are using should not be very strong like the abrasive cleaners. You can use 2 to 3 drops of oil into the ball bearing. The skateboard requires 8 bearings since you need 2 bearings on each wheel. - Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant Brand: Bones. The most vital options that you can work with include cleaning your skateboard bearings regularly, using the bearings in line with the manufacturer’s manual, and working with a warranty is available. The reason for this is to make the bearings to work smoothly and provide you with a smooth roll. | 浙B2-20120091. If you stick to these care and maintenance tips, you will have an efficient bearing and a smooth roll on your skateboards. Grease is nice because it needs maintenance less often than oil. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you'd like some help choosing Skateboard Bearing Lubricant then drop us a message or give us a call at the skate shop for expert buying advice. What is the best lubricant for skateboard bearings? So at some point of time, you need to lubricate your bearings. About 0% of these are Skate Board, 0% are Scooter Parts & Accessories. | Suppliers NOTE: By heavier, I mean that the lubricant must be viscous. However, learning how to clean them takes only a few minutes. Since the skateboard bearings roll to trigger the smooth turning, they need to be serviced regularly. Some examples of it include Bones Speed Cream, Airlite oil, Sonicsuper bearing oil. The bones speed cream is a great product from this brand that’s well-recognized for producing quality urethane bushings. | Let me also give you some of the common questions that I have been asked before about the lubrication of bearings. It comes as no surprise that it’s highly rated and popular. Finally, place the shields back on the bearings and put the bearings back in the wheels of the skate, skateboard or stunt scooter. Therefore, the ultimate decision is based on your climate. In over 8 years that I have been a pro skateboarder, I have been asked this question over 100 times. The amount required for sufficient lubrication. Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant. The Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings don't just come with pretty packaging and design, but they also one of the best skate bearings. Alipay The skateboard bearing lubricant wheels are made of polyurethane for smoothness and durability. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 4.Ceramic Bearings, ZrO2 stands for the zirconium dioxide, also known as zirconia or zirconium oxide, they are white colored, a ZrO2 ball looks exactly like a pearl. While I have given the appropriate answer to the people who have asked me this question, I have come to the realization that there are so many people who don’t actually know the best lubricant for the skateboard bearings. Return bearing shields and mount: if you took them out, snap your bearing shields back in place and return your bearings to their wheels. Every skateboard bearing will perform best if you use an oil-based lubricant that is thin and lightweight in nature. Then find a small spray bottle that you will pour in your lubricant before you apply on the bearing. Metal Sleeve Bronze Bushing Brass Bronze JDB Solid Lubricant Bearing, 2966.72 Oilless Bronze Slide centre guide/Bronze Oilless solid lubricant Overrun Cam Misumi standard/meusburger standard, 1 Bottle 10 Ml Low Viscosity Lubricant Bearing Lubricating Oil For Roller Skate Drift Board Skateboard, 1 Bottle Low Viscosity Lubricant Bearing Lubricating Oil For Roller Skate Drift Board Skateboard Lubricants Lubricating Oil, 1 Bottle Low Viscosity Lubricant Bearing Lubricating Oil for Roller Skate Drift Board Skateboard Camping and climbing supplies, 1 Bottle Low Viscosity Lubricant Bearing Lubricating Oil for Roller Skate Drift Board Skateboard, Hot sale pillow block bearing housing with high quality, Oiless bearing graphite lubricant bronze based JDB JFB Plug graphite self-lubricanting bearing bush China manufacture, white graphite bronze bushing manufacturer solid lubricant carbon graphite plate washers pad brass graphite bushing, Guide rail Wear Plates sliding bearing pads oilless brass bars, grease lubricant bottle Free Skateboard Bearings Wheel Bearing lubricant grease lubricant bottle. Also,gas hole ratio,hardness and friction will be changed. Taobao Global 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 A wide variety of skateboard bearing lubricant … In removing the oil or grease when cleaning skateboard bearings, you need something which can dissolve the substances. That’s fine, but only purchase them if they meet these tips that I have given you. BewareofSasquatch. | Showroom I do my longboard bearings and skateboard bearings at the same time, every 3 months or so, so the shit lasts forever. Using it requires the coordination of not only the arms and the legs but also the whole body. The shields are pretty easy to remove, so you don’t have a problem. But first, let me show you what a skateboard bearing is. Even so, the one thing that you should know when it comes to bearings and oil-based lubricants is this. To improve and extend the life of your skates and their performance, it is recommended that the skate bearings are coated with a lubricant. Skate tool; Step 1. After new bearings are opened from packaging and put into a skateboard wheel, they are immediately vulnerable to corrosion as they’re exposed to a variety of things. This equipment is relatively easy to maintain without needing expensive upgrades.Skateboarding is not just a recreational activity; it is a good form of exercise to enhance your cardiovascular stamina. However, the cleaning solutions that are meant for use with the skateboard bearings must be an oil-based solvent. Bearings need lubrication for proper operation. You can use any oil-based lubricant and still preserve your bearings to work best at any time. Terms of Use Seals are mounted on the cleaned and lubricated bearings, and the bearings are mounted back on the wheels. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy The bearings are vital since they are the main part of a skateboard that determines how fast and how smooth the skateboard rotation is. So why is low viscosity important? This will prevent it from damaging the plastic parts that we find within the skateboard bearings. Remember a smooth roll also mean the best stunts and zero struggle too. When they're done soaking, wipe off each skateboard bearing and spray them with bearing lubricant. A skate bearing is a rather small circular metallic device that enables your skateboard wheels to achieve a smooth roll. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. | Sonic Lubricants and Cleaners - - Sonic Super Skate Oil - - Sonic Super Gel Bearing Lubricant - - Sonic Citrus Bearing Cleaner - Sonic Grip Juice Wheel Cleaner - Sonic Turbo Wash Cleaning Jar Lubricant Rule of Thumb - Thin lubricants (oil) are usually faster - Thick lubricants (grease… 93117 Phone: (800) 288-7528 Fax: (805) 964-0511 While skating, you will realize that there are many lubricants that people will try to convince to buy. Apply a skateboard bearings lubricant and evenly distribute. Warnings. Don’t put too much lube on your bearings a drop or two is fine. The best way to do that and prevent any form of friction is to lubricate the bearings with the right lube. 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The skateboard bearing lubricant increases metabolism. It comes in different colors to suit your needs. There is a big market for lubricants dedicated for skating wheels. You've just cleaned and re-greased your skateboard bearings. This fits your . You should only need two or three drops of lubricant in each bearing. Dispense the lubricant by turning the ball bearing of the skateboard. Even so, most people don’t understand the right type of lubricant to use.